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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

@ScrivenerApp, how I love thee! My dissertation savior!

I just recently found out about Scrivener.  I am not a writer and was not searching for software to write a book, rather I am a doctoral student with mounds of research articles and was in need of a way to organize my research, my thoughts, and my writing for my dissertation proposal. Prior to Scrivener I would say I had a pretty good organization system, but it is nothing compared to how organized I feel now with Scrivener!  I had folders in Dropbox containing the pertinent research articles, but I still had to open each folder, find the article, then open an excel sheet which had a quick summary of each article, then return back to MS Word and figure out where I had left off writing.

Here is a look at my computer screen before Scrivener, with multiple windows open:


Here is a look at my computer screen after scrivener.  All of my writing, notes, outline, as well as, my research and annotated bibliography all on one screen:

my computer screen after scrivener

Try it!  It costs about $40, but it is the best $40 I’ve spent lately!

oh… I almost forgot… AND you can back it up to Dropbox and use it on multiple computers!!

1 comment on “@ScrivenerApp, how I love thee! My dissertation savior!

  1. Diane F. on

    I wholeheartedly agree, Kelly. I am using Scrivener with Bookends for my master’s thesis. I shudder to think of having to write same in Word. For me, there will be no going back.


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