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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

Get to know Google Drive… create, share, publish, embed… AMAZING!!!

This video is a quick introduction to Google Drive.  I hope this video helps you learn how to use Google Drive, it is an amazing FREE tool that I know you will love!  However, you probably won’t like it the first time you use it.  I remember the first time I used it and I passed it off as just another tool I didn’t need. I now understand and greatly appreciate the amazingness of this product.

A few reasons you should use Google Drive instead of Microsoft Office or iWork:

  • You can collaborate with others!  With Google Drive you can share your document with others and each of you can work on it at the exact same time.  No more emailing documents back and forth!
  • Because each document has a unique web address you can easily share your documents with others by changing it from private to public. Once you allow others to view it you just send them the link!  You don’t have to upload it!
  • You can embed your documents into websites.  You can publish your document to the web and get an embed code to embed it anywhere.  And, every time you make a change it automatically updates wherever it has been embedded.
    • Teachers: Use Google Drive for your syllabi and/or lectures then you can embed them into your LMS.  And again, whenever you make a change it automatically changes the document you have in your LMS.

I can go on and on about its usefulness.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it!



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