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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

On Course 2016: Interactive Technologies Workshop (PART 1)

I presented two workshops at the On Course National Conference.  The first workshop was dedicated to reasons why technology is an effective tool for learning and teaching, and we planned to create blogs and show the power of connection with blogging.

When using technology there is always the possibility that you may have some technological issues…. WELL… that is exactly what happened today!  I had to really work on accepting the things I can’t change and figuring out ways to move beyond the barriers.  So, I greatly apologize to all of the participants and am sorry we were not able to get through the activity.

Here is the presentation.  Please take a look and also read the slide notes for additional information.  I would love to help you with creating and using class blogs.  Feel free to leave a comment/reply to this post with any questions you may have!

Click here to open the presentation in Google Drive

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