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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

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Attn Teachers: We have been invited to change the world! @adambellow

It’s been over a month since I watched Adam Bellow’s closing keynote at ISTE and I am still telling people about how awesome it was. Here it is for those who did not get the chance to watch it live in San Antonio.

Fast-forward to 22 minutes into the video

Another favorite from EduTecherBrief History of Tech in Education

Student In-Class Collaborative Google Drive Presentation

Today in class I divided the 80 student class into groups to work collaboratively on a Google Drive Presentation about two videos they watched, The Science of Sex Appeal and Life’s Greatest Miracle.  To create a class collaborative presentation follow these steps:

  • Create a Presentation in Google Drive
    • Go to
    • Create a Presentation
    • Click on the blue “share” button and set the presentation to share with “anyone with the link” and be sure to set it so that anyone with the link can edit (the default is that they can view, you must change it to edit).
    • Make a title slide and a slide for each group to use
      • Title slide
        • Put the title of the presentation
        • Include a tiny url to the document (this makes it easy for students to access it)
          • Go to
          • copy the url of the presentation and paste it into the tiny url box.  You can now just click create tiny url, or you can make a custom tiny url with your presentation title.
      • Group slides
        • Create a slide for each group.  You can number them or identify the slides by topics.  This makes it easy for each group to identify the slide they are editing.
  • Watch live as all groups work on one collaborative presentation!
    • You will be able to see the work they are all doing at the same time
  • Once the presentation is complete each group presents their slide.

This is a fun way to get the entire class involved and move quickly between groups!


Are you a good Digital Citizen?

Today in class while discussing the positive and negative effects of digital communication we started to talk about proper behavior online and how to keep us safe.  One student noted that schools try to keep kids safe by blocking certain websites. But, does it make sense that a school has a Facebook page yet blocks Facebook?  Iss blocking websites the way to go? Or rather, should teachers be teaching kids proper use of the web and not avoid the topic by blocking the sites?  Who is responsible for teaching Digital Citizenship?

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) describes 9 elements of Digital Citizenship.

  1. Digital Access
  2. Digital Commerce
  3. Digital Communication
  4. Digital Literacy
  5. Digital Etiquette
  6. Digital Law
  7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities
  8. Digital Health and Wellness
  9. Digital Security

Were you taught these elements in school or at home?

Do you feel this is an important issue for schools to address?

For additional information:

How to embed a Google Drive presentation on WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly

Google Drive is a great tool for collaboration.  Today in class students met in groups and were in charge of filling in the information on their designated slide in a presentation on Pregnancy.  The presentation used in the following video was done simultaneously during class. I used this collaborative presentation to create the following video to show how to embed Google Drive presentations in WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly.  To embed a Google Drive presentation you need to go to the presentation that you made in Google Drive, click on “file” then click on “publish to the web”, then copy the embed code.


Are there Brain Rules?

Dr. John Medina wrote a great book about how the brain works.  In his book Brain Rules, he covers 12 brain rules.  Here are the brain rules as listed on the website

Exercise EXERCISE | Rule #1: Exercise boosts brain power.
Evolution SURVIVAL | Rule #2: The human brain evolved, too.
wiring WIRING | Rule #3: Every brain is wired differently.
attention ATTENTION | Rule #4: We don’t pay attention to boring things.
shortterm SHORT-TERM MEMORY | Rule #5: Repeat to remember.
longterm LONG-TERM MEMORY | Rule #6: Remember to repeat.
sleep SLEEP | Rule #7: Sleep well, think well.
stress STRESS | Rule #8: Stressed brains don’t learn the same way.
multisensory SENSORY INTEGRATION | Rule #9: Stimulate more of the senses.
vision VISION | Rule #10: Vision trumps all other senses.
gender GENDER | Rule #11: Male and female brains are different.
exploration EXPLORATION | Rule #12: We are powerful and natural explorers.

Here is Dr. John Medina discussing these rules:


After looking through the website and watching this lecture how has your view of the interaction of our brain and our health changed?

Get to know Google Drive… create, share, publish, embed… AMAZING!!!

This video is a quick introduction to Google Drive.  I hope this video helps you learn how to use Google Drive, it is an amazing FREE tool that I know you will love!  However, you probably won’t like it the first time you use it.  I remember the first time I used it and I passed it off as just another tool I didn’t need. I now understand and greatly appreciate the amazingness of this product.

A few reasons you should use Google Drive instead of Microsoft Office or iWork:

  • You can collaborate with others!  With Google Drive you can share your document with others and each of you can work on it at the exact same time.  No more emailing documents back and forth!
  • Because each document has a unique web address you can easily share your documents with others by changing it from private to public. Once you allow others to view it you just send them the link!  You don’t have to upload it!
  • You can embed your documents into websites.  You can publish your document to the web and get an embed code to embed it anywhere.  And, every time you make a change it automatically updates wherever it has been embedded.
    • Teachers: Use Google Drive for your syllabi and/or lectures then you can embed them into your LMS.  And again, whenever you make a change it automatically changes the document you have in your LMS.

I can go on and on about its usefulness.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it!



@ScrivenerApp, how I love thee! My dissertation savior!

I just recently found out about Scrivener.  I am not a writer and was not searching for software to write a book, rather I am a doctoral student with mounds of research articles and was in need of a way to organize my research, my thoughts, and my writing for my dissertation proposal. Prior to Scrivener I would say I had a pretty good organization system, but it is nothing compared to how organized I feel now with Scrivener!  I had folders in Dropbox containing the pertinent research articles, but I still had to open each folder, find the article, then open an excel sheet which had a quick summary of each article, then return back to MS Word and figure out where I had left off writing.

Here is a look at my computer screen before Scrivener, with multiple windows open:


Here is a look at my computer screen after scrivener.  All of my writing, notes, outline, as well as, my research and annotated bibliography all on one screen:

my computer screen after scrivener

Try it!  It costs about $40, but it is the best $40 I’ve spent lately!

oh… I almost forgot… AND you can back it up to Dropbox and use it on multiple computers!!

Get that healthy glow with a daily green smoothie

Are you ready to start increasing your fruit and vegetable intake? Typical Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, are you one of those typical Americans? Maybe this can help…

Here is the recipe for the Glowing Green Smoothie: Try it out and let me know how it goes! You will be amazed at how good it is and how good you will feel.

Green Smoothie
Courtesy of: Kimberly Snyder