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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

Online Students

Hello Online Students!

If you are taking my online Health class, here is some important information for you….

Are you ready?

First, are you sure online learning is right for you?  Online courses are NOT for every student.  You must have very good time management skills and like working independently.  Please review the following websites:

Our online classroom

This semester one of my online classes will be taken using Blackboard, which is currently the Palomar College online learning platform.  The other class will be taught using Canvas, which is an online classroom the college may be switching to.  All students will sign in to Blackboard first and then you will be redirected to Canvas if you are in the class section that is taught using Canvas.  The course will be available starting on the first day of school.  If it is available earlier you will be notified by email.  If you have not taken an online course it is VERY important that you learn about our online classroom.

Information on Blackboard:

Information on Canvas:

Course Orientation

There are no on-campus meetings for this class.  The course orientation will take place during the first week.  For the orientation you will be watching a video and taking an orientation quiz.  We will not meet in person.  Although you are always welcome to come and meet me in person during office hours!


The textbook is required!  The quiz and exam questions come directly from the textbook.  All Health classes use the same textbook which is available in the bookstore.  We use Insel and Roth, Core Concepts in Health brief, 13th edition.  The book in the bookstore is customized for Palomar College, but you do not have to purchase the customized version.  Also, if you would like to purchase the 12th edition to save some money that’s ok, but realize some information may be different. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon:  Connect Core Concepts in Health, Brief, 13th Edition


This Health class will take a lot of participation, especially in weekly class discussions.  You should expect to spend at least 4-6 hours per week.  Along with the discussions, quizzes, and exams, you will also be completing a behavior change journal and several group projects. Be prepared to work with others!  You will have to find the time to meet synchronously with your teams (meaning at the same time).

Although it is a lot of work, I am confident that you will enjoy it!  Everything is designed to not just teach you about health, but have you apply health concepts to your life to help you live a long happy healthy life.

Would you like to see what past student’s have said about the course?
  • “This course was helpful, and it was a new experience. I am glad I took this specific on line class. This professor was helpful and encouraging. I liked getting to know my class mates opinions and the group activity had helped me gain some new friends.”
  • “Overall I think this was a good class.  It provides useful real life information that we can use on a daily basis.  In terms of ease of use and navigation this is probably the best layout for an online class that I have ever seen.”
  • “I enjoyed the course topic overall.  Many of the chapters we covered are highly relevant to life situations. I believe this would be a great class for all students to take as it is a course on life.  What I appreciated was the opportunity to take the quizzes for each chapter and to be able to take them over and over as this can be used as a chapter review.  I also enjoyed the class projects where we met other students online and worked to create a project.  I also am gratefull for the professor as she really seemed to understand the subject matter and was able to keep a connection with the students even though it was virtual.”

As I mentioned previously, online classes are not for everyone and not all students will like the layout of this course.  Here is a great example of one student who loved the discussions and one who didn’t.  You need to decide if this class structure is right for your learning style.

  • “The assignment(s) I liked the most would have to be all the discussion boards. I loved being able to pick which board I wanted to respond to and this was a really fun way to learn what’s in our textbook. I also liked being able to read everyone’s posts and seeing what they thought on certain topics.”
  • “I don’t like having to do 15 discussion boards with a 150 word count.”
  • “the discussions posts took a very long time, too long. I also thought the 15 discussion boards was a bit much. Maybe three boards??”


If you have any further questions please reply below.

13 comments on “Online Students

  1. Sheryl Cruz on

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for the information regarding what to expect in this class. I do have one question: will there be an additional online access code that needs to be purchased if I don’t buy my new health textbook at the Palomar Library? I get a little nervous about that when buying used books.
    Thanks Again,

  2. Courtney Agamata on

    Hi Kelly,

    Orientation is on Monday. August 17th at 6PM in room LL-109 correct? I think I got that information off my e-services class schedule.

    • Kelly Falcone on

      Hi Courtney,

      The orientation you read about is for the other online class taught by a different instructor. The class notes for this class state:
      “This is an online class. Students registering for this class must consult the following Web site:

      There will be an orientation video and an orientation quiz that you will be taking on Blackboard, we will not have an on campus orientation.

      -Prof Falcone

    • Kelly Falcone on

      Hi Jacinta,
      I do not suggest buying the 11th edition. The 11th edition is actually about 5 years old. If you would like to get a used book try not to go back further than the 12th edition.

    • Kelly Falcone on

      As stated above, “There are no on-campus meetings for this class. The course orientation will take place during the first week. For the orientation you will be watching a video and taking an orientation quiz. We will not meet in person. Although you are always welcome to come and meet me in person during office hours!”

      So, the orientation is done on our online classroom on your own time by watching a video and taking a quiz. You need to access the online classroom to get started.


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