Album Review: “Born in Venice” by Luicidal



Album Review by Corey “Craw Daddy” Crawford


Growing up from Oceanside, CA I was stoked to see Luicidal in my mailbox. Everyone in Oceanside loves Suicidal Tendencies, and with Luicidal having two ex-members you know it’s going to be good. Not just any members either, drummer R.J. Huerra and bassist Louiche Mayorga were pivotal members of Suicidal for years and part of some classic albums.


Born In Venice starts with the title track and gets the tempo going right away. The whole album from start to finish brings you back to when you are hanging out with your good ass homies, drinking, listening to music, and going to shows.


“ST Posse” is the perfect song for when you are cruising to pick up all your friends at their places, before going to a show. And if “ST Posse” is the song you listen to while picking them up, then “Wrecking Crew” is the song for when everyone is finally in the car and you are ready to destroy the place.


The cover of “Institutionalized” was great as well. That’s one of those songs that if you cover, you need to either play it perfectly or really make it yours, and that’s what they did. Yes, it helps that Mayorga wrote the original with Mike Muir, but having Ceci Bastida(Tijuana No!) on the track singing in Spanish was amazing.


I love how the album closes too. “Steel Soldier” closes the album like it was a real journey. That slow song when everyone is tired and passing out in the car, and as the driver you are pretty much the only one up. So, you are listening to something a little easier on the ears, just cruising, making sure all your homies get home.


Through and through Born In Venice holds it’s own. I’m going to keep listening to this album for years to come. If you aren’t listening to Luicidal yet, what are you waiting for?


Rating: 8/10




1 Born In Venice

2 I Win You Loose

3 Punk Chick

4 Tears Of A Psycho Clown

5 Fuck You-M

6 Institucionalizado

7 ST Posse

8 Sick Society

9 You Are Forgiven

10 Wrecking Crew

11 Work Related Terror Attack

12 Surfin’ Tsunamis

13 Steel Soldier