Album Review: “Goodbye Cruel World” by Icarus Witch



Album Review by Corey “Craw Daddy” Crawford

Icarus Witch is back!!! The first time I ever heard of them was probably close to ten years ago. I bought a Metal Hammer Magazine, and it came with a N.W.O.T.H.M.  compilation C.D. There was a ton of awesome bands on it, but one of my favorites that stood out to me was Icarus Witch. So, you can say I was pretty stoked to see Goodbye Cruel World in my mailbox. After six years, Icarus Witch is releasing their sixth studio album and first with singer Andrew D’Cagna.


Goodbye Cruel World just became my favorite Icarus Witch album. “The Flood”, their first ever instrumental is killer. I love that kinda slow opening, sounds so badass. The duet, “Antivenom”, with Katherine Blake is so beautiful too. I really love those last three songs in general; “Possessed By You”, “Antivenom”, and “Until The Bitter End”.


If you like classic heavy metal this the album for you. Goodbye Cruel World is one of the better albums lately and you know what there is just two more months of 2018, this is my vote for album of the year now.


Rating: 9.5/10




1Goodbye Cruel World

2 Misfortune Teller

3 Lightning Strikes

4 Mirage

5 Through Your Eyes

6 The Flood

7 Silence Of The Siren

8 Possessed By You

9 Antivenom

10 Until The Bitter End