Album Review: “High Risk” by Blade Killer



Album Review By Corey “Craw Daddy” Crawford


Hailing from L.A., Blade Killer, has a huge N.W.O.B.H.M. influence. They are definitely a band on the rise, and I think they can become pretty big. High Risk is an amazing album, and it’s just their debut album. It’s definitely one of my favorite debut albums in recent years. Just from start to finish, it’s non stop badassery.


Lost Angels kicks the album off and right away you get that Paul Di’Anno era Iron Maiden sound. Let’s be honest we all love Bruce, but we can’t help and deny how awesome Di’Anno was in Maiden. And that is exactly where High Risk is coming from. From start to finish, High Risk is bringing that classic heavy metal sound, and I love it.


My favorite song from it has to be Midnight Sinner though. Right away they come in with that old school Maiden sound, but put their own spin on it. Which makes you you have to know how is playing and what song, if you don’t already know. Not to mention it’s about us, the real fans who are out at the shows having a good ass time.


Overall, High Risk by Blade Killer is an album you need to go get right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Blade killer; I can see them as someone who is one of the main bands playing up-coming festivals with all the Priests, Maidens, Sabbaths, and so on getting older and older. So, if you haven’t yet, put these guys up on your watch list. You won’t be disappointed.


Rating: 8.5/10




1 Lost Angels

2 Let Go

3 High Risk

4 In The Arms Of The Devil

5 Midnight Sinner

6 Rush Of Thunder

7 Endangered Dreams

8 Tomb Of Thoughts