KKSM Song of the Day: “Find My Way” by Khai Dreams

The KKSM Song of the Day, as picked by King Kuje, is “Find My Way” by Khai Dreams. You can find this song on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more:




Most of Khai Dream’s songs are pretty underground, however he has been able to reach some levels of success with several songs reaching over one million views on YouTube, one of which has almost seven million and counting.

Khai Dreams is a very talented artist who combines chill hip hop beats with ambient and relaxed ukulele and guitar playing, accompanied by smooth vocals and even some very on point rap which makes for some very lively and diverse music that ca be enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners.

This song in particular shows off all of Khai Dreams talents, mixed in seamlessly creating an upbeat and beautiful 2 minutes and 44 seconds that is sure to fill you with hope in humanity.


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