The great thing about KKSM is that we put the power of what gets played in the hands of our amazing staff of volunteers and students.  This means you’ll get a wide variety of musical genres from hip hop to jazz, from punk to EDM. As an indpendent and freeform station, we are not beholden to corporate interests which allows us to play a variety of music including local, unsigned, and independent artists. We truly are THE RADIO REVOLUTION!

Find out when your favorite shows will be on with the schedule below. Our current schedule runs until May 25, 2018.


6AMKKSM MorningsAdonis in the MorningsWes HavenKKSM MorningsKKSM MorningsUgly Kid JoeThe Saturday Swing6AM
7AMSoul on Fire7AM
8AMBrother B8AM
9AMBrianTylerMagical Mornings with MikaylaOGs in the AMRetro 80s Hits with Holly 9AM
11AMEl Comi11AM
12PMThe Blues King BraxtonOn Air with KarinaBriceKKSM Weekends12PM
1PMAdonis ScholarThe Cypher 1PM
2PMWill Power Nancy RoseShantal2PM
3PMKKSM WeekendsPanoramico RadioKKSM Music 3PM
4PMDan Sweeney's One Hit WondersWes HavenThe Man in the Box with Ceili4PM
5PMGluten Free Radio with DJ KorndawgContraposition Radio with Lydia
Turn Up Radio with Katie Steez5PM
6PMTales from Plunther Hills ValleyCraw Daddy Crawford's Shred City Analog6PM
7PMNot So Serious Radio with DJ RoobBlowin' SmokeLuke7PM
9PMKKSM After HoursMaido 1320 Show with DJ Chie NomonkeyKKSM After HoursMidnight Melodies with BrookeThe Sound AsylumSinister Sammy Orlando's Gazebo of Horror9PM
10PMKKSM After Hours10PM
11PMKKSM After HoursKKSM After HoursKKSM After HoursKKSM After Hours11PM