The great thing about KKSM is that we put the power of what gets played in the hands of our amazing staff.  This means you’ll get a wide variety of musical genres from hip hop to jazz, from punk to EDM, you’ll hear it all on KKSM.

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The Fall 2019 schedule is effective until December 13, 2019


4AMKKSM MorningsKKSM MorningsKKSM MorningsKKSM MorningsKKSM MorningsKKSM MorningsThe Grooveline with Ryan Doran4AM
6AMThe Swing Shift The Saturday Swing6AM
7AMPat Gwinn at the Beach7AM
8AMZecom Radio Hour with Bart Shore

Nothing But Old 45s with Larry Kratka8AM
9AMJohn Williams PresentsClassic Rock LiberationRetro 80s HitsKKSM MusicUK USA Rock n Soul Connection KKSM Music9AM
10AMDown the Road ApieceSeems Like Old Times Radio10AM
11AMKKSM MusicKKSM Music11AM
12PMGreatest Hits USAKKSM Freeform AfternoonsKKSM Freeform AfternoonsKKSM Freeform AfternoonsKKSM Freeform AfternoonsEl ComiDan Sweeney's One Hit Wonders12PM
2PMKKSM Golden Oldiesthat thing with Rich Appel2PM
3PMBart Shore's Time Warp RadioVinyl ImpressionsClassic Rock LiberationAction Woman3PM
4PMKKSM WeekendsDan Sweeney's One Hit WondersArmand Schaubroeck Spins Vinyl
Retro Obscuro4PM
5PMZecom Radio Hour with Bart Shore
Nothing But Old 45s with Larry Kratka5PM
6PMCraw Daddy Crawford's Shred City KKSM Freeform Evening KKSM MusicHOWLThe Best of "The Sound Asylum"The Blues Bar with "Dynamite" Nick Lane6PM
7PMKKSM weekends7PM
8PMNot So Serious Radio8PM
9PMKKSM After HoursKKSM After HoursKKSM After HoursKKSM After HoursKKSM After HoursSinister Sammy Orlando's Gazebo of Horror9PM
10PMThe Blues Bar with "Dynamite" Nick LaneAl Cocchi's Saturday Nite Fever Classic Dance Party10PM
11PMKKSM After Hours11PM