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What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a group of students who take a common set of courses together and share a common experience around their academics. Learning community sections are linked courses that allow students to take related courses together. The curriculum is designed to link both professors and students to their peers as well as to each other. This learning environment creates communities of learners, students who develop a deeper commitment to learning and achieve greater academic success than students who enroll in “stand-alone” courses. In addition, because linked faculty teach the same students, instructors are able to maximize student achievement by sharing course goals, content, and activities.

Learning Community classes must be taken together. If you drop one course from the community in the middle of the semester, you will be dropped from the other course.


What are Students Saying about Learning Communities?

  • ""My Learning Community gave me a support group so that I did not feel like I was alone.
  • My Learning Community gave me a larger network of people to contact for information and help.
  • I love having the integrated classes. It was great to develop relationships with people in both classes. I felt part of a community and like there was a support network for me.
  • I learned different ways to actually study and learned new material tailored to my actual habits. I also made new friends.
  • Since it was my first year of college, having the same students in my classes helped because we all knew each other and stayed in contact so that we could talk about class, upcoming assignments, and topics from class.
  • It made learning more enjoyable although the class was somewhat difficult. I enjoyed learning.
  • I feel more comfortable with all of the students in the classroom and am able to ask questions without feeling ashamed of the question.
  • I have picked up very helpful skills that have improved my learning ability and test-taking skills.
  • The biggest benefit of a Learning Community is definitely your classmates (though the tutoring and instructors are awesome, too). You are surrounded by the same people all the time, you can always socialize with them, and they can help you out when you need it.
  • Being around the same group of students creates a sense of community.""
  • The greatest benefit is that you not only get help from your instructor but also you get help from your classmates.
  • The tutors and teachers are always there and ready to help.
  • I have been exposed to all of the different kinds of help and connections available at Palomar.


Video: What are students saying about the Algebra 2n1 Learning Community?

Last modified on May 30, 2017