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Palomar College Learning For Success

Palomar College Learning Communities

Skills. Support. Success.

Benefits for Students

Data shows that Learning Communities (LCs) result in greater student achievement and increased retention rates of students who might otherwise drop out of college after a semester or two. Learning Communities are your path to success!

  • Students work closely with tutors who attend courses and conduct study or individual tutoring sessions outside the classroom.
  • Students utilize counseling services that provide them with skills, tools, and techniques for time management, test taking, note taking, and creating educational plans.
  • Students enrolled in LCs have a dedicated study and tutoring area at the TLC in San Marcos and Escondido.
  • Students enjoy closer, more supportive relationships with instructors, tutors, and counselors.
  • Students create stronger academic networks.
  • Students develop friendships in the classroom through small group interactions and shared schedules.
  • Students are actively involved in their learning process, improving their critical thinking skills through sharing and connecting topics, ideas, and assignments between classes.
  • Students develop leadership and practice team building skills that are transferable to daily life.
  • Students enrolled in LC’s generally pass their courses at a higher rate; they build confidence by realizing and achieving academic goals.


Last modified on July 30, 2014