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Palomar College Learning Communities

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Faculty Benefits & Resources


Learning Communities provide opportunities for faculty development through collaborative teaching with other faculty members. Faculty are excited about opportunities to team-teach, plan with faculty members from other disciplines, and expand their knowledge and understanding of successful teaching styles, techniques, and methods.

The new Teaching Learning Center in San Marcos includes a Faculty Resource Center. Benfefits to faculty include:

  • Increased collaboration with students, faculty, and staff
  • Increased implementation of active and collaborative teaching and learning strategies
  • A quiet place forfor intellectually stimulating discussions with colleagues regarding teaching challenges
  • Increased knowledge about students and their development
  • Opportunities for improvement of interdisciplinary understanding and relationships
  • Increased knowledge about college resources
  • Increased involvement in professional development activities
  • Growth and learning

It’s fun, and teaching becomes more enjoyable when you learn new ways of handling challenging situations.

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Last modified on February 11, 2014