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Library Faculty and Staff Directory

Phone Numbers, unless otherwise specified, are 760-744-1150 + ext.

Full time Faculty 

Cunningham, April Instruction LibrarianLL211A / x3696
Doyle Bauer, AlexEscondido Center (EJA) LibrarianLL115B / x2669
Forney, MarleneDept. Chair, Systems & Technology Librarian LL306 / x3695Web
Lopez, NatalieOutreach Librarian LL115C/ x2665
Martin, Tim Fallbrook Center LibrarianLL213/ x8660
Morrow, Linda Public Services LibrarianLL211D / x2617
Templo-Capule, Marie Subscriptions LibrarianLL211B / x2941
Weintraub, TamaraRancho Bernardo Center LibrarianLL211B / x2967
Zou, BenhuiTechnical Services LibrarianLL115B / x2618

Part time Faculty 

Brown, Denise Part-Time FacultyLL213 / x2611/2616
Falsetti, MarilynPart-Time FacultyLL115 & Escondido / x2611 & x8213
Farrell, KatyPart-Time FacultyH-119G / x3640
Ganguli, Victoria Part-Time FacultyLL115 / x 3230/2616
Hope, Laurie Part-Time FacultyLL213 / x2611/2616
James, CaleahPart-Time FacultyLL115 & Escondido / x3230 & x8213
Marmack, JanePart-Time FacultyLL213 / x2611/2616
McDowell, Connie Part-Time FacultyEscondido / x8213
Tamanaha, Laura Part-Time FacultyLL213 / x2611/2616

Supervisory and Administrative Staff

Neidiffer, Kellis Library Academic Department Assistant (ADA)LL213B / x2666
Sterling, Connie Library ManagerLL 213A / x2621

Classified Staff

Amen, Roz Senior Library Media Technician, Public Services RB-424 / x2326
Call, Bob Library Systems Specialist LL 109 / x2636
Cuibus, Michael Library Media Technician II, Circulation LL115 / x3232
Davis, AvaLibrary Media Technician II, Public Services LL208 / x3237
Diego Schmidt, Monica Senior Library Media Technician, Technical Services FC-K01 / x8665
Franson, Lisa Senior Library Media Technician, Technical Services LL115 / x2622
Koss, CaseySenior Library Media Technician, Public Services LL208 / x3770
Molek, Melissa Senior Library Media Technician, Technical Services

LL115 / x3248
Rocheleau, MicheleSenior Library Media Technician, Public Services Escondido / x2768
Stephan, AnneSenior Library Media Technician,
Circulation, Reserves and ILL
LL208 / x3231
Wanta, DanielLibrary Media Technician II, Public Services LL208 / x2967


MATCH Display

Professor Tracy Johnston (Mathematics) worked with Advanced Visual Marketing Students, Mina Yamataka, Anaiexis Martinez, and CJ Bohling to create the MATCH display in the lobby of the Library/LRC.

Wedding gpwn

To see a video of the wedding gowns created by the Advanced Visual Marketing Students, click on the image.

Book Display

Rancho Bernardo Education Center Library celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the resource display, Hispanics in Science. While in the neighborhood, stop in to see our book display through mid-October. If you can't be here in person, take a peek at the virtual display (click on the image above) to browse the resources online.