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Palomar College Learning For Success

Full Time Faculty

Richard Abistegui-DuBoisPhysiology; General Biology; Molecules and Cells

Lesley Blankenship-Williams – General Biology; Microbiology; Marine Mammals; Anatomy; Advisor of the STEM Club 

Carey Carpenter – Anatomy

Michael Deal – Molecules and Cells; Majors Biology

Matt Doherty – Physiology

Wendy Gideon – General Biology; Microbiology

Jim Gilardi – Majors Biology; General Biology; Human Genetics; Site Co-coordinator of the Bridges Program at Palomar College

Gene Gushansky – Anatomy; General Biology; A&P; Directed Studies in Anatomy; Human Genetics; Faculty Advisor for the Pre-Healthcare Society

Sara Krause – General Biology; Ecology

Elise Lindgren – Our new faculty member; will start fall, 2018, Welcome!

Cory Lindsay – Anatomy; Physiology

Beth Pearson – Department Chair; Marine Biology; General Biology; Botany; Catalina Field Course; BIO 195A Field Studies.

Krystal Rypien – Microbiology

Kim Velazquez – General Biology; Molecules and Cells; Biology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Faculty Emeritus since 2000

Gary Alderson – Taught Microbiology, was Chair of Life Sciences

Wayne Armstrong – Taught Botany; creator and curator of the amazing Wayne’s Word.

Bob Ebert – Taught Majors Biology, General Biology, Zoology, Human Genetics, was Chair of Life Sciences

Gary Freeman – Taught physiology, biology; was Chair of the Life Sciences

Maura Gauge – Taught microbiology, and biology; was Chair of the Life Sciences

Ralph Ferges – Taught Physiology, A&P; was Chair of Life Sciences

Candi Francis – Was Dean of the Mathematics & Natural Sciences Division, Chair of Life Sciences, taught Anatomy among many other courses, was a developer and instructor of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem & Belize Field Courses, and continues to take fantastic photos

Dan Sourbeer  –  Retired; was Interim Vice-President, Instruction; was Dean of the Mathematics & the Natural and Health Sciences Division; While a member of the Life Sciences Department, taught Majors Biology; General Biology;  Zoology; Ecosystem Biology;  Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Field Course. Now livin’ the life in Montana.

In Memoriam

Sara Thompson  – Physiology, Chair of Life Sciences, Vice President of the Academic Senate, Dean of the Mathematics & Natural Sciences Division; beautiful person.

Donate in Sara’s memory to the Sara Thompson Scholarship, c/o the Palomar College Foundation, 1140 W. Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92096.