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Best of Division 2017-18

Languages & Literature Division
2016-2017 Accomplishments and Highlights

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English & Humanities


English as a Second Language

Department/Discipline Highlights

  • In the spring, we held our first ESL student/Staff/Faculty Service Learning Project at the Escondido Early Childhood Lab School.
  • The department played an active role in Palomar’s first annual House of Humanities.
  • In Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, the ESL permanent faculty held off-campus retreats to work on curriculum and plan for the future.
  • The department has developed innovative mirrored-classes: traditional ESL credit classes combined with noncredit sections in order to allow more opportunities for our students to develop the skills they need to be successful in academic classes.
  • Working together with the dual enrollment team, the ESL Department has been exploring dual enrollment possibilities and is close to offering a course for ELD students at Bonsall High.
  • Through the Partners in Learning meetings (funded by our BSI Partnership grant through Grossmont College), the ESL Department has established connections with San Marcos High School and Mission Hills High School. Mission Hills High School ELD students visited our campus in the spring for a special orientation and placement testing session. Also, instructors from Mission Hills High School have visited our classrooms and vice versa.

Student Accomplishments/Recognition

  • One of Sheri Cully’s Fallbrook ESL students, Marisela Lopez, won the top award for Service Learning Students with over 1000 hours working as a health educator among immigrant populations in Fallbrook and Rainbow and working with her husband in the organization Águilas Del Desierto Inc., a group that searches for missing border crossers in the deserts of Arizona.
  • Three ESL students won scholarships this semester and were recognized at the Annual Scholarship Awards ceremony.
  • Our students earned a very impressive 45 Noncredit Certificates of Completion this spring.

Faculty & Staff Accomplishments/Recognition

  • Lawrence Lawson won the Distinguished Faculty award!
  • Roberta Cantow, an ESL instructor in the Escondido evening program, had a digital storytelling film festival in San Marcos; the department had a smaller digital story film screening in Escondido as well. Students who made videos invited their families to the party, and each student got up one at a time to introduce their videos. They were proud of what they achieved! Staff and faculty also made digital stories. Roberta received a SPPF grant to hold workshops on digital storytelling and to create a digital storytelling event on campus.
  • Nimoli Madan created material, including digital stories and other video activities, for ESL students during her Fall 2017 sabbatical leave.
  • Two of our part-time teachers in Fallbrook, Sheri Cully and Caron Lieber, have been meeting with local businesses around Fallbrook to promote our program and are also working on getting vouchers and other incentives for our students. Some companies are interested in offering their students a paid day off, for example, for attending 135 hours of instruction.
  • Sheri Cully and a group of her students volunteered to pass our flyers promoting the college at this April’s Avocado Festival in Fallbrook.
  • Mike Rouse was nominated as the Tutor of the Year at the 2018 Tutor Expo.
  • An unnamed faculty member achieved his/her high score in Candy Crush.


Department/Discipline Highlights

  • Rewrite of curriculum converting READ 49, 31 and 32 to non-credit courses in compliance with AB 705
  • Development of new non-credit course N READ 950 Reading and Language Arts
  • Reactivation of READ 50 to take the place of READ 49 and READ 51 to bring Reading Services into compliance with AB 705
  • Participation in Humanities Night—open house and book giveaway
  • Two READ 110 sections participated in a Student Success & Equity program by reading Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson, and attending the author talk with Stevenson at the California Center for the Arts on March 7, 2018.
  • Department participation in Discover Palomar and Summer Bridge
  • Inreach to Eng 10 and Eng 50 to remind students of the ways Reading Services can help them succeed in content area classes, especially English classes

Student Accomplishments/Recognition

  • Thi Huynh, former student currently tutoring in Reading Services graduates from Palomar and transfers to CSUSM to major in Global Business Management in the Fall.
  • Samantha Lizarraga was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa.

Faculty & Staff Accomplishments/Recognition

  • Melinda Carrillo completed her 40th year of service at Palomar College as a certificated full-time faculty member.
  • Esmeralda Quijada, adjunct faculty member, completed POET training and received certificate.
  • For the fourth year in a row, Katy Farrell served as the Spelling Bee coordinator and pronouncer for the Poway Unified School District, Elementary Schools.
  • Katy Farrell served as a SLOAC Co-chair for 17/18.
  • Melinda Carrillo participated as the representative for Reading Services and the Faculty Senate on the Guided Pathways workgroup and the Strategic Enrollment workgroup for 17/18.

Speech & ASL




TLC San Marcos


TLC Escondido


Fall 2017

  • 27 class visits
  • 72 Counseling sessions
  • 130 exams proctored
  • 13 Skillshops; 194 students served
  • Student surveys
  • Overall positive feedback about our center and tutoring services from student surveys
  • 1,685 sessions

Spring 2018

  • 19 class visits
  • 97 counseling sessions*
  • 78 exams proctored*
  • 12 Skillshops; 100 students served
  • Overall positive feedback about our center and tutoring services from student surveys
  • 1,506 sessions* (As of 5/15/2018)


  • Many of our tutors are celebrating graduations and transfers this semester. We are very proud of their accomplishments and wish them much success on their academic and vocational endeavors!


  • ESL Skillshops
    • Patty carried out our ESL Skillshops.
  • Math Skillshops
    • Carla and Raul carried out our Math Skillshops.
  • Writing Skillshops
    • Amanda and Milly carried out our Writing Skillshops.
  • Counseling and Library Skillshops
    • Katie Morris, Sharet Garcia, and Natalie Lopez carried out our counseling and library Skillshops.


  • ESL Tutors
    • Fall 2017 Diego graduated with his M.A. degree from
  • Math Tutors
    • Spring 2018 Erin is graduating from Palomar and transferring to San Francisco State in the Fall.
    • Spring 2018 Sam is graduating from Palomar and transferring to San Francisco State in the
    • Fall 2018 Shadow is transferring to CSUSM.
  • Writing Tutors
    • Fall 2018 Genie is starting graduate school at Simmons College in Boston,
  • Staff
    • Spring 2018 Calvin graduated with his A.L.M. degree from Harvard in Cambridge,

Job Placements and Achievements

  • Spring 2018 Andrea received a permanent position at Palomar’s SEC.
  • Spring 2018 Diego received a permanent position at Palomar’s NEC.

World Languages

Department/Discipline Highlights

World Languages has developed and implemented, and/or participated in, a number of activities designed to build and support student interest in linguistic and cultural development:

  • Café International (fall and spring)
  • French Film Festival
  • Italian game nights, Scopa (weekly)
  • German board game night (fall and spring)
  • Arabic class field trip to local restaurant
  • Celebrations in the WLRC (Day of the Dead, Girls’ Day in Japan, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, etc.)
  • House of Humanities
  • Spanish/German Film Night
  • German Library Walk
  • ALASS Day of the Dead
  • ASG Diversity Day

Student Accomplishments/Recognition

  • Spanish AA T graduates
  • 7 French AA and 10 Certificate graduates in French!

Faculty & Staff Accomplishments/Recognition

World Languages is proud to announce that the department has three faculty finalists for the “Distinguished Faculty of the Year” award: Beatrice Manneh (German), Scott Nelson (Italian), and Marya Toledo Yildiz (Spanish, PT). Congratulations to all three!

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