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Meeting Notes 2015-16

Division Meeting — 10/2/15

Present: Melinda Carrillo, Kevin McLellan, Nimoli Madan, Rocco Versaci, Monica Galindo, Denise Drake, Christine Amely, Anna Hilton, Shayla Sivert


Shayla suggested that departments start working on their PRPs before they become involved in their new faculty hiring.  She mentioned that her understanding is that we would be using essentially a form the same as or very similar to last year’s form.

Humanities Building Issues

We discussed issues re: the Humanities Building doors and the possibility that the main entry doors will have to be replaced.  Shayla asked that everyone keep the division office in the loop for problems with anything bldg related by notifying us and/or copying us on emails sent to Facilities.

At this time, all projection screens appear to be in working order. With respect to signage, Chris Miller continues to work with us to get the signs that are still missing.  Shayla mentioned that the company we were working with apparently went out of business.


Shayla has asked that all ADAs print out budget details for 2300, 2400, 4000, 5000 (including any special accounts) on a quarterly basis to go over with their chair.  She asked that they each sign and bring to the Division Office with comment about any issues that need to be addressed. We hope that this will help to avoid scrambling for last minute money to cover costs, especially hourly and printing.

She suggests end of Sept, Dec, March, and May.  If it makes sense, we could do the same at the end of April since requisitions need to be in in May to close out the fiscal year.


Shayla went over the priorities for hiring per the SRP Succession Plan to reiterate that the Reading and English Departments understood that, for the division, their two positions (ISA III and ISA II (?) were not as high a priority as the ADA for WL, the ESL Program Specialist, the TLC Specialist, and the WL ISA III.  If able, Shayla will put the other positions ahead of those two for hiring priorities. Melinda reminded Shayla that they have a lot of hourly needs; Shayla will look at notes from their earlier discussion.  Rocco will let Craig know to check in with me.

Shayla and Melinda spoke briefly about making the hours for the ISA III position reflect the evening hour needs.

Phone Alert

Shayla asked if anyone heard the phone alert from last Wednesday and if they heard anything to suggest that any may not have worked. Denise reported being on the phone at that instant and that the message could be heard to both parties. We did not verify that the digital signs were working.  Shayla will check with our Deaf faculty to see if they noticed and noted that we need to check specifically for that during the Great Shakeout.

Great Shakeout & Emergency Plan

The Great Shakeout for earthquake preparedness will take place on October 15 at 10am.  Faculty and staff should make sure that everyone is aware of steps to take if the building starts to shake.  Concern was expressed about the glass on the north side of building as well as the glass partitions in the hallways and workrooms.  We should urge students to get away from windows as soon as possible.  There will be people who won’t do it.  If that happens, just let them do as they may.  Don’t get into an argument. Shayla will check with Derrick to get the info on what will happen for the Shakeout and report back to the departments before the week of October 13. Shayla asked that our departments identify who will be in classroom at that time so that we can warn them.

Emergency plan meeting was postponed as we are still getting materials together.  Shayla asked for suggestions on the best ways to get the information out to everyone.  Suggestions offered included General Information, the plenaries.  Also suggested was attaching important details of the Emergency Plan to NOHEs so that all PT faculty would have copies. She asked that chairs bring info to department meetings, asking for feedback.

Building a walkway over Comet Circle (between the Humanities Building and Lot 12 was suggested.  Shayla said that she will bring it up to Facilities.  She knows that there have been discussions regarding traffic control around Comet Circle.

Division Blog

Shayla asked for suggestions on what they would like to see on blog.  She mentioned that she would post signs in workroom to let others know the blog is there and encouraged everyone to take the site info back to departments.

CIE – Comet Information Exchange

Shayla shared the CIE website with the group and discussed what the plan is for the site.

The idea is to not have all this info sent through email and have bulleted points from the planning councils posted with links to the full minutes.


Shayla asked for input about the process involving reporting absences for our faculty at the Escondido Campus. She asked whether each department sends a statement to PT faculty, and, if so, what it says. Pam Dratler and Tom Medel at Escondido send out a flyer at the first of the semester with how to report absences.  Shayla wants to come up with more consistent process, one that ensures that the class will be posted, that the ADA is informed, and that absences are reported to payroll.

Recycle Bins

Denise asked about the status of recycle bins for the faculty/staff resource bins.  Apparently, the 2nd floor has a large container, but the 3rd floor does not.  Shayla will follow up.

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