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Which Math Class Should I Take?

Step 1: Access MyPalomar
Click for video on how to log into MyPalomar (English)
Click for video on how to access MyPalomar (Spanish)
Step 2: Find your placement group
Click for video on how to find your placement group (English).
Find your placement group on the bottom right-hand portion of your MyPalomar account page.

Math Placement Graphic










For help on selecting your major at Palomar College, use the Palomar Pathways Mapper.
Step 4: Reach out for placement assistance

Call the Assessment Center at (760) 744-1150, ext. 2476, 2383, or 2182 OR email:
San Marcos Campus Location: Student Union Bldg. 1 (Su-1)

Step 5: Prepare for Math Success

Click below for math review options. We offer free 4-hour workshops and low-cost 3-week courses.

Prep for Math