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Information on Hybrid Math Classes and Handbooks

Hybrid math classes are administered through the Math Learning Center (MLC) in room MC-1.  All students enrolled in a Hybrid math class MUST attend a one-hour orientation listed under the class section.  The orientation is MANDATORY.  Students may be dropped for non-attendance.  You must attend the orientation for your class during one of the scheduled times below.

However, because of COVID-19, Hybrid classes will be offered online ONLY.  Therefore, you are not required to come to campus.

Math 60

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Math 110

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Math 115

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Instructions for Hybrid Students to get help from a tutor or an instructor at the Math Center
2. OPEN your Math class.
3. FOLLOW the instructions and click on the ZOOM link to connect to the Virtual Math Center.
[Be sure to use your name on Palomar records when you enroll as we will have to verify it against the class roster before we can connect to a tutor.]

In place of in-person support, Tutoring Centers will continue supporting our students virtually.

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