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Marketing, Advertising, Introduction to Business, Social Media, and Business English


Professor Mary Cassoni

Professor Mary Cassoni

Welcome current, former, and future students of Palomar College.  My name is Mary Cassoni and I am a full-time faculty member at Palomar College in the Business Administration Department in San Marcos, CA. My office is located in Room MD 344. MD is the large, three-story building on the San Marcos campus that looks a little bit like a cruise ship!

I’ve been teaching at Palomar College for ~ 13 years. I teach Marketing, Advertising, Social Media for Business, Introduction to Business and Business English. Prior to teaching at Palomar College, I worked in the biotechnology industry for ~20 years. My final position was Vice President, Corporate Communications at Invitrogen (now called Thermo Fisher Scientific) in Carlsbad. There, I was responsible for all advertising, investor relations, employee communications, media outreach, and events.

I hope you find my real-world business experience an asset to my classes.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening and cooking.  Recently, I began working with my husband and neighbor on a wine and food blog called Taste of Wine and Food.  What I love about this?  I get to help with digital marketing and content creation while enjoying free wine and food at local restaurants and wineries.  What a deal!

And just for fun, here is a recent Honda commercial I was in (how cool is that?).  Yes. That was MY car.  This is a testimonial type commercial. And it aired on TV.  It was my 15 minutes of fame!

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