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Classes resumed on Monday March 30th IN AN ONLINE FORMAT ONLY.  Details about what this means for your astronomy class has been announced on CANVAS.  Be sure to check CANVAS often to keep up with the changing requirements of this course.

Use the links in the menu to find your destination.  Come back to this website often to find information about announcements made in class, homework assignments, study guides, grades, extra credit and more.

The FAQ link on the menu will help you find answers to your questions.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions that are not addressed on the FAQ.

Have a great semester!

Link to Skymaps.comPrint your own free map of the current night sky. It is loaded with celestial happenings for the current month.

Interested in the hobby of astronomy?  Join the San Diego Astronomy Association – San Diego’s only amateur astronomy club.

Link to careers in astronomy a the AASAre you thinking about a career in astronomy?  Visit the American Astronomical Society for more information.

Looking to buy a telescope?  This guide will help you navigate the details of this complicated process.

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