TA 100 TA 113 TA 115
College Student for improv For 115
Introduction To Theatre
3 hours lecture
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
A survey of theory and practice in the contemporary theatre including its literary,critical and technical aspects, and their relationships to historical backgrounds.
Improvisation for Acting and Interactive Theatre (3)
3 hours lecture
Note: May be taken 3 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU
Improvisational theatre techniques for basic acting skills and specific forms that engage the audience in an interactive performance setting. Performance material will reflect and analyze situations of conflict found in the participants’ lives and
Acting One: Foundations
3 hours lecture
Note: May be taken 4 times; maximum of 4 completions in any combination of TA
115, TA 116
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
In a workshop environment, the student will learn the basic tools and terminology of acting. The student will apply this knowledge and experience to the performance of short scenes.
TA 116 TA 119
For 116 For Voice class
Beginning Acting II: Scene Study
3 hours lecture
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of ‘C’ in TA 115
Note: May be taken 2 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
Designed to improve the actor’s skills for performing scenes and monologues with truth and power. Actors will improve their ability to pursue the character’s needs and objectives, to be vulnerable to their partners’ words and actions and to
create with a range of emotion. Actors in this class will continue to develop their vocal and physical technique.
Voice and Speech
3 hours lecture
Note: May be taken 2 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
A practical and experiential class introducing students to exercises and theories of voice and speech production leading to improved power, expressiveness and clarity. Methodology will include major contemporary approaches to developing the actor’s voice
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