TA 100 Introduction To Theatre

TA-100-COVERCourse Objectives: Theatre is often considered a mirror that reflects an image of the world.  We will use this very special mirror to encounter and examine aspects of the human experience in historical and contemporary contexts.  Along the way, we will use the tools, processes and language of theatre to articulate complex perspectives on our world. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

The overarching outcome of this class will be your ability articulate ways in which plays and performances reflect society and pose questions that illuminate the human condition.

In addition you should be able to:

      • Identify the contribution of the production elements to the overall theatrical experience;
      • understand and articulate the distinct production roles and processes of the individual, interpretive theatre artists – playwright, director, designer and actor;
  • Effectively collaborate and communicate using the particular elements and language, signs and symbols of “stage” performance;
  • Recognize how the theatrical elements create a dynamic and unique encounter between the spectator and the performance; Understand some processes through which artists look at the world, and articulate some “truths” of human experience and society.
Sample Syllabus
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