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  1. Ron Tov says:


    The San Diego Performing Arts League is partnering with San Diego Fringe Festival to sell tickets. We operate Arts Tix, a not-for-profit ticket service that helps local presenters sell tickets to their shows. We’d love to help you sell tickets to your San Diego Fringe Festival show. If you send your email address to, I’ll send you the info.


  2. Hi Michael,

    My name is Alex Zaragoza. I’m a reporter with San Diego CityBeat and I’m interested in writing a story on the new Public Moves theater you have formed with various others. I want to put the story in our next issue. Can we set up a time to talk? Call me at 619-793-6762.


    Alex Zaragoza
    Staff Writer
    San Diego CityBeat

  3. Professor Mufson,

    My name is Craig Abernethy, just finished reading the City Beat article about your company/mission, have had a few plays done here and elsewhere, have no idea if you are looking for writers, and invite you to visit and consider samples of “Mr Ali Ali,” “Absolutes,” and “A View Unassisted.”
    Am mostly interested in developing new, political and/or culturally-centered plays.
    Full scripts and/or samples gladly emailed.
    Thanks for your time and best,

    • Michael Mufson says:

      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for contacting me. Right now is very busy time, but we are certainly interested in knowing about other theatre makers with common goals. I will check out your website when I have some time.

  4. Rosa says:

    Dear Professor Mufson-

    I teach a 6th grade SSL class and my students just finished reading Esperanza Rising in Spanish. It would be amazing if we could connect with some of the actors to visit our classroom! Also do you have any group ticket discounts I would like to invite my 8th gradeBilingual Language Art classes to attend.
    Thank you,
    Profesora Gonzalez

  5. This may be an absurd idea, but has anyone contacted you for a revamp of Wireless City? Original cast only allowed in this conversation. I’m on board.

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