Below are links to reviews and articles about productions, projects and initiatives.  Files are in pdf format and will open in a new tab or window.  To enlarge the pdf reader click on the icon in the upper right corner of the pdf reader.


—-‘Angels in America’ Best of 2009
—- ‘Millenium Approaches’ review
—- ‘Perestroika’ review

 Wireless City

—-Plugging in to a phantasmic future
—-Palomar’s ‘Wireless City’ a walk on the wild side
—-The air hums with their binary chant of “00100011100011.”
—-A vendor sells buttons that say “Defeat time.”

Reality meets fantasy in bold, relevant ‘Dreamlandia’
Palomar’s updated ‘Lysistrata’ is creative, edgy
Palomar’s ‘Gas’ is a Sensurround experience

(un)Defining Queer

—-Cleverly conceived ‘Queer’ forces viewer to re-examine ideas
Palomar examines concept of ‘queer’ in interactive theater event

Palomar’s ‘Chalk Circle’ an audacious thrilling spectacle.
Palomar’s ‘Much Ado’ a glamorous, charming song-and-dance show
Palomar’s gritty ‘subUrbia’ rewards with fine direction, casting 
Palomar’s zany ‘Wonderland’ a feast for the imagination

 A Spoonful of Hope: Finding Hope in Divided America

—-Prologue to a dialogue
—-Interactive ‘Spoonful of Hope’ deals with aftermath of 9-11

Speak Out: Responding to Racism

—-Roses & Raspberries
—-Racism takes center stage at Palomar College forum
—-Palomar program to explore racism in schools

 Palomar show simulates ‘Shock and Awe’
Palomar’s performance groups to collide in ‘American Dream’ festival

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