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Multicultural Studies


MCS 100    Introduction to Multicultural Studies
MCS 110    (AMS 110) Diverse Cultures in America Today
MCS 124   (RS 124) Islamic Cultures and Traditions
MCS 125    Women, Culture and Islam
MCS 157   (TA 157) Theatre and Social Justice
MCS 160   (HIST 160) History of the Middle East from 600 to the Present
MCS 165    Introduction to Asian American Studies
MCS 197    Multicultural Studies Topics
MCS 200   (AIS 200/SOC 200) Race, Class, and Ethnic Groups in America (American Indian Studies Department)

Course Descriptions: Multicultural Studies 2019-2020 Catalog

Dr. Rodolfo Jacobo
Department Chair
Office: MD-364/x2207

Teresa Alvarado Quainoo
Academic Department Assistant
Office: MD-354/x2204

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