Free books and tuition? When Rynon Reyes heard what Palomar College was offering, he knew right away that he had to take the opportunity. The Palomar Promise would help him reach his goal of becoming a Registered Nurse, like both of his parents.

“I’m going to be the first one to get a degree in America,” says Rynon, whose parents earned their nursing degrees in the Philippines before moving to North County in the mid-1990s.

College was a big transition from his years at Mission Hills, he admits: “Once I came here, I had to get serious. I had to be focused.”

With the Promise, Rynon says he received the support he needed to start his first year of college on the right foot. “Realizing that college can get me to a place where I can be financially stable and happy with my life—it’s really changed my perspective,” he says.