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Nursing Education Department

Registered Nursing Program

Submitting Your Application




January 4 – February 5, 2021

Fall 2021 April – May 2021
July 5 – August 6, 2021 Spring 2022

October-November 2021

 *Application and Enrollment dates are subject to change, pending the impact of COVID

Admission to our generic RN program is based on the Palomar College Admission Multi-Criteria Points screening tool.  We do not keep a waiting list of students.  We do encourage students to reapply, should they not be initially admitted to the program.


Students who have completed all prerequisite coursework, with a grade issued, and have successfully completed the TEAS exam with a score of 62% or higher are eligible to apply to the Nursing Program.

***Notice: The Nursing Program application is now online. All information and documentation will be submitted electronically. ***


Review the Application Check List for the types of documents you will submit with your application. In order to receive points in any application category, it must be accompanied by documented proof.

Prepare the required documents that must be included in your application. These documents will be uploaded digitally. You can scan, screenshot, or take photos of your documents. Please keep each piece of documentation as an individual digital file. Do not compile all of your documents into one large file.

  • A copy of high school diploma, GED, CHSPE, or highest level of U.S. degree awarded (Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s in any subject)
  • All unofficial transcripts of course work (including from Palomar College)
  • Unofficial copies of all TEAS attempts – including outdated exams
  • Any points attempted for a category must be verified with supporting documentation

Login to your MyPalomar account. You must be logged in first for the application to be properly processed.


Click to be taken to the online application page. Make sure your application is filled out correctly and completely. Please read directions for each application section thoroughly. **The application is currently CLOSED**

  • For Type of Application, select “Traditional RN Application”
  • Toggle the buttons to switch between “Yes” and “No” responses so that they are correct for you
  • Verify the pre-filled information is correct. It is pulled from your Palomar College application. If any of the information is outdated or in error, please contact the Admissions Office to make changes
  • In the demographic and languages sections, if an option is not listed, you have the option to type it in
  • In the College Degree Information and Coursework sections, click “Insert a Row” to add additional information
  • The application has an Estimated Point Calculation. Please note that this is only an estimate based on the information you provided in this application. Many factors can impact your final point calculation, which  will be determined during the review process by Nursing Education Department staff
  • Be sure to upload all of your documents into the File Uploads section, and select a description for each file. If documentation is missing from your application, we will not be able to award points for that category. **If you do not attach the required documentation (unofficial transcript, TEAS attempts) your application cannot be evaluated and you will not be considered a qualified applicant** **We are not able to accept documents in .Pages or .HEIC format**
  • Confirm that your application is filled out correctly and completely before signing the acknowledgment and submitting


  • You must register with Palomar College to obtain a student ID number before you submit your application and it must be on the application to be considered.
  • Unofficial college transcripts can be submitted with your application.  This includes any transcripts from Palomar College.  The Palomar College Records Department will require official transcripts if you are accepted into the  program.
  • Required courses must be completed and a grade issued before applying.
  • The ATI TEAS exam must be completed successfully (62% or higher) and all copies of attempted TEAS exams must be included with your application including prior expired versions. Print free copies directly from your account on the ATI website.
  • We do not require a background check or proof of immunizations until after acceptance into the program.
  • No grade lower than a C will be accepted for all coursework required, general education and nursing, for the associate’s degree.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • We do not keep transcripts or applications on file. All application documents are discarded after the completion of the selection process. If you are reapplying, you must resubmit a complete application with all supporting documents.  Make sure to keep copies for your records.
  • The acceptance notification process takes several weeks to complete.  We do not notify all applicants at one time.  All notifications are sent to the email provided on the application.  Every applicant will receive a notification.


Palomar College Admission Multi-Criteria Points

 Spring 2021Spring 2020Fall 2019Spring 2019
Total Applicants335265300250
Total Admitted36363636
Average Applicant Points76757473
Admitted Point Range81-9480-9581-9478-98
Number Admitted from Standby159614

All students who have a completed the prerequisite coursework with a minimum 2.5 GPA in the sciences and minimum 62% on the TEAS are eligible to be admitted to the program. Please note that the accepted points vary semester to semester, based on the applicant pool and on the number of students who accept a seat. It is recommended that students apply to multiple programs in the area. If you would like advising on how to raise your application score, please contact the Nursing Education Department for an advising appointment. Please bring your unofficial transcripts and unofficial TEAS score to your appointment.

SB1393 Information – Only applies to students with U.S. regionally accredited baccalaureate degrees or higher