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The RN to BSN program is an accelerated, online program designed for registered nurses currently holding an associate’s degree (ADN). This fully-online program will give nurses the opportunity to earn their BSN in just 14 months.

The RN to BSN program requires 14 months of study and is broken down into eight week classes in the fall and spring semesters, and ten week classes during the summer semester. Unlike other RN to BSN programs, CSUSM builds in breaks between semesters and holidays to allow you to pursue your education without compromising your life and family priorities.

To enroll in the RN to BSN program, CSUSM requires students to hold an associate’s degree in nursing and an active RN license. Aside from the degree and license, a small list of previously completed courses are required.

How much does the RN to BSN program cost?

Cost Per Unit: $299
Number of Units: 38
Total Cost (not including student fees): $11,362

For more information please contact:

  • Jay Franklin, M.A. Ed. CRM Enrollment Manager, Extended Learning
  • Phone:  760-750-8713
  • Fax : 760-750-3138
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