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Lab Investigations

The following links provide the lab student with easy access to introductory animations/videos as well as pre-lab activities. Simply click on the lab title to access the appropriate link.

Imaging the Sea Floor: Earthguide (Sonar-based Mapping Methods)


Nautical Charts: Investigating the Southern California Coastal Region (Pre-lab activity)


Exploring the Sea Floor Using Google Earth: Pre-lab Activity



Plate Tectonics and Sea Floor Topography (Introductory animations and videos)


Investigating Marine Sediments (Introductory video and pre-lab activity)


Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in Seawater (Ocean Acidification tutorial)


Global Winds, Ocean Currents and Regional Climate Patterns (Introductory animations)

Global Winds and Ocean Currents: Post-lab activity (Drifter model)


Ocean Color (Pre-lab activity and interactive links)

Ocean Color: Additional Links for Resource Pages:

Interpreting Ocean Wave Models and Forecasts 


Analyzing Tide Patterns and Tidal Charts (Introductory animations and videos)

Additional Links for Online Spring 2020:


Concepts in Coastal Navigation (Pre-lab activity; print-out and complete worksheet. Grayscale okay)


El Niño – Southern Oscillation (Introductory animations and pre-lab activity)

ENSO Lab Interactive Links


Ocean Institute Human Impacts in Coastal Ecosystems (online resources)
Fluorometry Overview OCN100 Lab
OCN100 Lab Tide of Toxins article

Modelling Beach Processes
Modelling Beach Processes Introductory Materials
Modelling Beach Processes – Animation Links