Business Information Worker

Business Information Worker (BIW)

Business Department Computer LabThe California Community College (CCC) Business Information Worker Pathway (BIW) sequence of classes leads directly to entry-level employment and above, across all BUSINESS sectors and prepares students/workers at the highest levels of Computer Literacy and Digital Information Literacy as well as in Customer Service and Oral and Written Business Communication.

Course Units Offered Pre-Req
BUS 165 2 Fa, Spr, Sum None
BUS 170 1 Fa, Spr, Sum None
BUS 175 1 Fa, Spr, Sum None
BUS 189 1 Spring None
BUS 142 1 Spring None
BUS 104 or
CSIT 125
3 Fa, Spr, Sum None
BUS 205 3 Fa, Spr, Sum Eng 100

All online courses may have an in-person orientation;
but online orientation will be available as well.