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Category: American Indian Studies (AIS)

American Indian Studies Certificate

American Indian Studies

The interdisciplinary curriculum provides thematic foundations in history, sovereignty and government, language, literature and fine arts, as well as federal Indian law and policy.  A certificate in American Indian Studies potentially prepares an individual with insightful knowledge and awareness of the historical/cultural legacy of American Indian tribes as well as skills that enhance employment opportunities in such fields as gaming, archaeology, education, art, social services and resource management.

The AIS certificate gets you a great jump start to transfer requirements for CSU and UC.

American Indian Studies Certificate Requirements

*These courses are offered periodically
**Classes may be used as the two electives (but 4 are required for language credit in High School Districts- see your High School counselor for more details if applicable)
AIS 1003Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 1013Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 1023Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 1053Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 1253Fall, Spring, SummerNone
Complete a minimum of 6 units from at least two categories:
AIS 1353Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 1453Fall, Spring, SummerNone
AIS 1463SpringNone
AIS 1103FallNone
AIS 1153SpringNone
AIS 120*3None
AIS 140*3None
AIS 107 A3Fall 2018 None
AIS 107 B3Spring 2019107 A Recommended
AIS 108 A3FallNone
AIS 108 B3Spring108 A
AIS 207 A3Fall108 B
AIS 207 B3Spring207 A
AIS 166 A3FallNone
AIS 166 B3Spring166 A
AIS 167 A3Fall 166 B
AIS 167 B 3Spring167 A
AIS 1513Fall 2019None
AIS 1523Spring 2020None
AIS 1533Fall 2020 None
AIS 1543Spring 2021None
AIS 266 A*3167 B
AIS 266 B*3266 A
Social and Behavioral Sciences
AIS 1503FallNone

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