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Certificate in CSIT – Information Technology

A.S. or Certificate in Computer Science and Information Technology – Information Technology

Photo: Public Domain

Photo: Public Domain

This program prepares students for employment in information systems applica­tions development in business and industry. The focus is on developing skills in programming languages, Internet, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, word processing, and database design.

To earn an A.S. degree in this program, see the course catalog for general education requirements.
*Only this elective is currently available online (see Catalog for additional options.)
CSIT 1053Fa, Spr, SumNone
CSIT 1203Fa & SprNone
CSWB 1103Fa, Spr, SumNone
CSWB 1203Fa, Spr, SumCSWB 110
CSIT 1503Fa, Spr, SumNone
CSIT 1603Fa & SprCSIT 105 & CSIT 125
CSIT 1803Fa & SprNone
CSWB 1503Fa & SprNone
CSWB 1703Fa & SprNone
Electives (Select 1 course)
CSNT 111*3Fa, Spr, SumNone