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Certificate in CSIT – Management Information Systems

Photo: Public Domain

Photo: Public Domain

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a series of courses that bind both busi­ness and technology to produce quality information for an organization. MIS pro­fessionals focus on the business side of Information Systems (IS). An MIS profes­sional utilizes computer information to facilitate the decision-making of managers. Key areas of focus in this degree are: Business Communications; Accounting; Eco­nomics; Business Law; Statistics; Mathematics; Computer Information Systems; Computer Programming; Systems Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems, Data Communications, and Security. Students planning to focus on management issues in Information Systems or those transferring to a four year school in MIS are recommended to take both Accounting and Economics as well as earn an A.S. in Management Information Systems.

CSIT – MIS Certificate Requirements

To earn an A.S. degree in this program, see the course catalog for general education requirements.
*Not offered online at this time.
CSIT 1053Fa, Spr, SumNone
CSIT 1253Fa & SprCSIT 105
BUS 1173Fa, Spr, SumNone
BUS 2043Fa, Spr, SumMath 60
BUS 2053Fa, Spr, SumEnglish 100
MATH 1303Fa, Spr, SumMath 110*
ACCT 2014Fa, Spr, SumNone
ACCT 2024Fa, Spr, SumAcct 201
ECON 1013Fa, Spr, SumNone
ECON 1023Fa, Spr, SumMath 56* or Math 60


(Select 1 course)
CSIT 1603Fa & SprCSIT 105 & CSIT 125
CSNT 1113Fa, Spr, SumNone
CSWB 1103Fa, Spr, SumNone