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Outreach Services

Presentations and Tours for Prospective Students


Outreach Services

Who We Are

Outreach Services, established in 2017, serves the College’s prospective student population. Serving as official representatives of Palomar College providing presentations, tours and information tables, we help varied audiences understand the degrees, services and opportunities that Palomar has to offer. The department works with prospective students at varied educational levels, from career changers to high school students, to re-entry and adult students, to military and veterans, to those who solely want to brush up on a skill or two. Serving as one of many departments throughout the College who  engage with the community we are proud to be the first stop for prospective students to explore Palomar College and the Community College system.
Engage. Inform. Inspire.
The mission of Outreach Services is to inspire the prospective student population with well-rounded information and quality service, regarding the degrees, services and procedures of the College; To serve all students of diverse backgrounds, ages, abilities, education levels and career stages; To connect the community to the College, its centers and the opportunities provided within and; To support students in determining the right path for their educational goals and navigating how to begin that process.
We serve Prospective Students - The Exploring Stage

We can cover an overview of all aspects of Palomar College for prospective students who are looking to:

Explore college options - "2-year schools", "4-year schools", private colleges and universities , transferring, certificates, associates degrees, bachelors degrees, oh my!
Learn more about Palomar College
Understand Palomar's programs and services
Understand how a community college could fit within their academic plans
Determine: "Is college a choice for me?" "Is Palomar the right choice for me?"

Services for Other Stages

Financial Aid Learning

The Application Stage

The Student Success Stage - Orientation & On-boarding

Virtual Help Arrow Pointing Down
In an effort to minimize and mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Outreach Services has suspended on campus tours and off campus services indefinitely.
As we continue to design virtual tools to support your college decision-making process, please let us know how we can support you..
Please stay safe and healthy!