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Outreach Services

Presentations and Tours for Prospective Students


Outreach Services

Who We Are

Outreach Services serves the College’s prospective student population. Serving as official representatives of Palomar College providing presentations, tours and information tables, we help varied audiences understand the degrees, services and opportunities that Palomar has to offer. The department works with prospective students at varied educational levels, from career changers to high school students, to re-entry and adult students, to military and veterans, to those who solely want to brush up on a skill or two.
Engage. Inform. Inspire.
The mission of Outreach Services is to inspire the prospective student population with well-rounded information and quality service, regarding the degrees, services and procedures of the College; To serve all students of diverse backgrounds, ages, abilities, education levels and career stages; To connect the community to the College, its centers and the opportunities provided within and; To support students in determining the right path for their educational goals and navigating how to begin that process.


“Great! Who do I contact?
What services are available?”

Campus-Wide Effort
We work alongside all departments, which you will find are dedicated to the success of future Comets. If you are ready to learn, we are ready to support you. Palomar College has many opportunities to help you to advance your education today!

1.) Students or Groups
Exploring and Interested in Learning More

Outreach Services helps students who are learning more about Palomar and their college options, exploring the community college system, determining if college is right for them, or perhaps are still exploring. We’d love to provide you with any of the following:

At Your Location

General Presentation
Information Table
Palomar Rep to Speak at Your College Night or Parent Night
Palomar Reps to Staff a Table at Your College/Career/CTE/Industry Fair
Community College Rep or Palomar Rep to Speak on a Panel
Host a Palomar Information Night at Your Location

At Palomar College (Varied campuses/locations)

Campus Tours, Group Tours, Veteran Tours
Information Sessions at Varied Palomar Campuses

2.) Students or Groups Who Are
Ready to Apply and Attend

Assessment and School Relations, the Office of Orientation and Follow-Up Services and the Student Success and Support Program, will help your students to apply and launch a successful college experience!  Please use the links below to request the following workshops:

Application Workshop
Spring High School Visits (Orientation, Career Assessment, Tour, Etc.) Details Coming Soon
Orientation Workshop (Individuals)

3.) Students Ready for
Financial Aid Information or Hands-on Help

The Office of Financial Aid will help your students and families to understand the types of financial aid, the appropriate deadlines and the procedures required.  Please use the links below to request the following workshops:

Financial Aid Presentations or Hands-on Workshops


All departments look forward to connecting with you out in the community and here on campus!