Theatre makers all over the world are reinventing live theatre for the Zoom format.  Not to be daunted by the seismic upheaval of this brave new world, Palomar Theatre Arts students have been working to bring you two original works for this unique moment. 

Haunted in Quarantine

Imagine you’re stuck in your house 24/7. I know you can…. Now, imagine your house might be haunted….!!! Haunted in Quarantine follows the Zoom meetings of an online support group for people who believe their houses are haunted as they are forced to shelter at home. Although influenced by recent generations’ love for the horror genre – this is not horror.  People have enough fear right now.  We set out for a fun event and have discovered so much more in the haunting metaphors. (Contains mild adult language.)

This Tiny House

A poetic theatre work for the Zoom format inspired by stories collected from our community about how Covid – 19 is affecting us. Theatre has the capacity to remind us that we are not alone. So we are mining your stories for the common threads, themes and through-lines that may help us to make some sense out of all this.  In the tradition of the Greek Chorus, which always represents the greater community in Greek theatre, we are crafting the source material you have provided into a poetic expression of language, rhythm and gesture.  This Tiny House will  explore and expand the expressive boundaries of the Zoom container, reimagining the theatre, just as all of us are called upon to reimagine the possibilities of our world during and after the pandemic. It’s not too late to add your story. Click on this link to open the collector

All Performances Are Free. Click Here to Register. 

  • Friday, May 15 @ 7PM (PST) Haunted Quarantine and This Tiny House 
  • Friday, May 15 @ Midnight (PST) Haunted Quarantine only  
  • Saturday, May 16 @ 7PM (PST) Haunted Quarantine and This Tiny House
  • Saturday, May 16 @ Midnight (PST) Haunted Quarantine only

Box Office Instructions

Performances are free and donations are gratefully accepted to the Palomar Performing Arts Circle. Click here to secure your tickets now. 

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