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Palomar College Learning For Success

The Palomar Promise

Free Access to College!

The Palomar Promise is designed to provide graduating high school seniors in our K-12 public school districts with access to an affordable higher education and to increase college-going and completion rates in our North San Diego County service area.

Through a combination of free financial aid resources and academic support services, WE PROMISE to assist our students to enroll in college, stay on track to complete their academic and career development goals, and upon graduation from Palomar College either enter the workforce or transfer to the four-year college or university of their choice.


Palomar College offers two opportunities to access the Promise

Palomar Promise

The Palomar Promise offers one year of free course enrollment and related registration fees, textbook assistance, and access to specialized academic and career planning with related support services to entering students who graduate from an eligible high school in the Palomar College service area.  Entering Promise students will be required to join the First Year Experience program and meet other eligibility criteria in order to receive financial support from the Palomar Promise. Palomar Promise is funded using a combination of possible state, federal and local funding resources.

Palomar Promise+

The Palomar Promise+ program is offered in partnership with the San Marcos Promise and the San Marcos Unified School District.   The Palomar Promise+ program provides up to two years of financial support while attending Palomar College, plus up to two additional years of financial support if a student transfers to California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM).  This program is only available to high school graduates of the San Marcos Unified School District who earn a 2.5 grade point average while in high school and meet other eligibility criteria.