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Berman and students promote Safe Lot legislation for homeless students

Palomar College students attended and participated at the Assembly Bill 302 hearing on Capitol Hill in Sacramento, California on Tuesday, April 2. The summary of the bill says that it would require “a community college campus that has parking facilities on campus to grant overnight access to those facilities, on or before July  1, 2020, to any homeless student who is enrolled in coursework, has paid any enrollment fees that have not been waived, and is in good standing with the community college for the purpose of sleeping in the student’s vehicle overnight.”

Palomar College’s Associated Student Government helped fund students to be able to travel to this press conference and share their own personal stories related to this bill. There was a report released by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, which surveyed nearly 40,000 students at 57 community colleges and “found 19% of respondents experienced homelessness in the previous year. Extrapolated to California’s community college population of 2.1 million students, that means nearly 400,000 students have experienced homelessness in the last year.” The vote concluded with 10 in favor and two not present. The bill will now be referred to the Appropriations Committee.

Pictured: Palomar College ASG Vice President of Shared Governance, Anthony White.

– Kelly Donaghy

Office of Student Affairs