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Palomar College Guided Pathways

Bakersfield Mapper

Palomar College has joined forces with Bakersfield College to deliver an interactive pathway experience for our students. They extended invitations to a select number of colleges to learn from them and build intuitive, web-based pathways that can be placed front-and-center for student use.  A bit of groundwork must be completed before the Palomar Pathways are in place. Detailed files consisting of degrees, certificates, and courses have been submitted to Concentric Sky, the consulting firm coordinating the project in collaboration with Bakersfield College and the Chancellor’s Office.  Concentric Sky will review the data and shape it to meet the project requirements.  Locally, Palomar College will determine meta major categories, and convert the paper pathways (Maps) into electronic pathways. Together with the various pieces, the College will transform into the interactive pathways needed to inform and inspire our students.  Stay tuned for more information.

Below is an example of a pathway form Bakersfield's Mapper.
(click on the graphic to link you directly to Bakersfield Mapper website and choose a different pathway.)

The graphic below depicts a demonstration of the pathway flow: Choose a Meta Major, select Degree & Certificate of interest, and discover the Coursework expected and when to enroll in the various courses.