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Credit for Prior Learning

VPI Jack Kahn and Candace Rose, faculty member serving on the Credit for Prior Learning Curriculum Committee workgroup, recently traveled to Marine Corps University in Quantico, VA to discuss the development of a potential Military Leadership Apprenticeship Program through Palomar College to better serve our active duty and veteran Marine Corps students. 

This potential pathway allows Marine Corps students the opportunity to earn a Palomar College Certificate of Achievement by completing four courses aligned with the Marine Corps Sergeant’s School, and on-the-job training. Students could also earn a Certificate of Achievement from the state of CA as a certified General and Operation Manager, and could go on to compete their GE requirements towards an Associates degree. Discussions are also underway with several 4-year colleges to create a pathway for students to continue to earn a Bachelor’s degree in various applied leadership programs.  The meeting went very well and enthusiasm was strong for all the possibilities. We look forward to bringing you next steps as they develop.