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Guided Pathways Student Ambassadors – who are they?

Aimee Perez (far right)

Hi, I’m Aimee Perez, one of The Guided Pathways student ambassadors. As a xicana and first-generation college student, I understand how hard it could be to navigate college. This is why I’m really excited to be a part of The Guided Pathways program! Our hope is that this program will help uplift and support students of all backgrounds.

Emily Radoff (far left)

My name is Emily Radoff and I’m a current student at Palomar College studying literature and film studies. I grew up in a small town in northeastern California called Bishop and then moved to San Diego when I was ten. I have been going to Palomar on and off for the last couple years and I love it, but I wanted to do more to push myself forward and so I plan to transfer to Cal State San Marcos and graduate there. I also wanted to get more involved and help try to make things easier for the students at Palomar. There are so many areas we can improve and systems we can streamline and I am very excited to work with others on how we can do better. Guided Pathways offers a great forum for teachers, faculty, counselors, and students to be in the same room and problem solve. We have already made great steps.