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Palomar College Guided Pathways

Working Towards Essential Practices: Impact of Plenary

2019 Plenary

There are 23 Essential Practices within the four pillars of Guided Pathways.  The Essential Practices highlight opportunities we have to help our students succeed.  At plenary this year we offered numerous workshops and two keynotes that will help Palomar faculty and staff work toward adopting the essential practices.  Here are just a few:

  • Pillar 1B: Every program is well designed to guide and prepare students to enter employment and further education in fields of importance to the college’s service area.
    • Workshop: Help our students develop resumes that would attract local employers!
    • Workshop: Improving Online CTE Pathways Grant
  • Pillar 1C:  Detailed information is provided on the college’s website on the employment and further education opportunities targeted by each program.
    • Workshop: “Palomar Makes It Possible” Advertising Campaign Update & Training 
    • Workshop: Clean Up Your Website 
  • There are 3 Essential Practices related to AB705: 1) Pillar 2B: Special supports are provided to help academically under-prepared students to succeed in the “gateway” courses for the college’s major program areas, 2) Pillar 2C: Special supports are provided to help academically under-prepared students to succeed in the program-relevant “gateway” math courses by the end of their first year, and 3) Pillar 2D: Special supports are provided to help academically under-prepared students to succeed in the “gateway” English courses by the end of their first year.
    • Workshop: AB 705 NOW 
    • Workshop: Supporting ESL Students Across the Curriculum 
    • Workshop:AB 705 NOW 
    • Keynote: MATCH Your Course 
    • Workshop: MATCH at the planetarium 
    • Workshop: MATCH Your Course
  • Essential Practices related to degree planning: Pillar 3A:  Advisors monitor which program every student is in and how far along the student is toward completing the program requirements and Pillar 3B  Students can easily see how far they have come and what they need to do to complete their program.
    • Workshop: Vista Detention Facility (VDF) & Transitions Program - Learning for a Better Future 
    • Workshop: Caring Campus 
    • Workshop:: Starfish Degree Planner Boot Camp 
    • Workshop: Starfish Degree Planner Boot Camp 
  • Pillar 3E:  The college schedules courses to ensure students can take the courses they need when they need them, can plan their lives around school from one term to the next, and can complete their programs in as short a time as possible.
    • Workshop: The Completion Academy
  • Pillar 4D: Faculty/programs assess whether students are mastering learning outcomes and building skills across each program, in both arts and sciences and career/technical programs.
    • Workshop: Use Canvas to Streamline and Assess Student Learning Outcomes 
  • Pillar 4B: Instruction across programs (especially in program introductory courses) engages students in active and applied learning, encouraging them to think critically, solve meaningful problems, and work and communicate effectively with others. 
    • Workshop:: No more lectures! 
    • Workshop: Active Learning in Chemistry Courses 
    • Workshop: Demystifying Collaboration
  • Within the Essential Practices are Equity Considerations.  Several plenary workshops provided an opportunity to build our equity Mindedness
    • Workshop:: The Impact of Microaggressions in Academia
    • Workshop: Goals for AB 705 - Equity and Capability 
    • Workshop: Safe Zone Training
    • Keynote Speaker: Tim Wise, “Personal and Institutional Opportunities for Creating Equity”
    • Workshop: Umoja Program Matters
    • Workshop: Integrating Service Learning in Your Course
    • Workshop: Vista Detention Facility (VDF) & Transitions Program, Learning for a Better Future