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Program Completion Academy – What is it?

By Jack S. Kahn, PhD, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Instruction

Clarify the Path

The Program Completion Academy is an offshoot project from the Guided Pathways plan.  The academy consists of instructional faculty, counselors, staff, administrators and students who gather together to discuss how instructional programs can be redesigned to better meet the needs of students.

There are 2 types of Program Completion Academies:

(a) Discipline based
(b) Institutional based 

Discipline based academies focus on creating “completion packages” for academic awards.
This process starts with academic maps.  Academic maps list all the courses needed to complete a program.  In contrast, a “completion package” indicates how to get through the map (8 week classes, DE, hybrid, etc).  Think of it as a route that is designed to meet the needs of students (Student data Fact Sheet). 

This past summer the Program Completion Academy started to discuss data and began to design and move programs forward toward creating "completion packages."  The "completion packages" represent the route students can take to complete more efficiently.  

After the "completion packages" are created and discussed with deans and department chairs, the next step is to discuss in an 'integrated advisory' meeting with industry partners and representatives from Palomar’s work-based learning opportunities, equity representatives and student support representatives (counselors, tutors etc.) to determine the broader needs of the program.

There will be a first practice 'integrated advisory board' meeting with the Archaeology Palomar team who have the first official new completion package that was a result of the summer meetings.  Nice job Archaeology! Once completed, the program gets to promote the new program through Palomar makes it Possible website:

Institutional Based academies focuses on larger institutional issues that impact the broader institution.
This summer Palomar’s awesome speech faculty met with faculty from Mira Costa and Miramar College to discuss Distance Education options for students in the speech discipline.  The intent of these meetings is to discuss the impact of various offerings we have on student success and overall enrollment.

When are these academies?
This fall the following Program Completion Academy meetings are scheduled.  

October 30th:  Discipline + Institutional Discussion on Distance Education in the Sciences (3-5 PM)

November 15: Discipline only (1-3 PM)

Leadership: Each academy has a faculty lead 

Discipline:  Curriculum Co-Chair:  Wendy Nelson

Institutional: Glyn Bongolan & Pj DeMaris

And... back from retirement - Marty Furch has joined the team to help build in some structure and make progress with this project - so keep an eye out for her email and leadership coming soon!  If you want to join the meetings please reach out to Marty:

 We have made a lot of progress - stay tuned for more information, a website, templates and more support!  

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