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GP Student Ambassadors – who are they? (continue)

Veronica Cristellon

I’m Veronica Cristellon and I am an international student here at Palomar College. I was born in Italy and I started my degree this semester. I moved to California to study art because I think that the United States is the land of opportunities in which I could realize my dream: writing and illustrating children’s books. So I choose Palomar College as my first step for building my future. I am really enjoying this experience in college. Everything is new, from the classes to the language. Studying in a new system and in a college, not in your own language can be challenging sometimes. But I love what I am studying and can see that my path is going in the direction I chose. That is why I decided to join Guided Pathways. I truly believe that college can help students find their dream and reach their goals in their careers and lives. This can be achieved if the College works together with the students to build a better educational environment, by sharing ideas and suggestions. For this reason, for me, it is important to be a student ambassador because I feel that everyone can help to improve the College, starting with the students. It is important to share ideas to create a united, powerful and joyful environment, for students and the College.

Crystal Figueroa

Hi. My name is Crystal Figueroa and I’m a student ambassador with Guided Pathways who is majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I was born in Hawaii but grew up in San Diego County. Growing up, my mom was a single parent and we were very poor. We were even homeless for some time. As a previously impoverished individual, one of my biggest goals is to help find ways to keep college as affordable as possible. Not just for low-income families, but for everyone. Guided Pathways has given me an opportunity to help make it easier, and more affordable, for everyone to reach their goals.