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ECE & MATCH Activity – Starting them young

Picture of classroom setting with Preschool children working with faculty.

Donut picture with play dough on table


Early Childhood Education & Math Across the Curriculum Holistically

MATCH teamed up with the ECE lab on September 13th, 2019 to introduce Palomar’s youngest learners to higher mathematics. MATCH coordinators Shelbi Mayo and Luis Guerrero had Palomar faculty and volunteers explain topology with hands on activities. Math faculty Gina Sanders and Tracy Johnston had some of their Concepts of Elementary Mathematics students and Math Club students help the young learners work with tessellations, fractals, mobius strips and converting coffee cups into donuts. The children learned interesting math concepts like self-similarity, tillings of planes, single-sided surfaces and topological equivalences. Posters connecting patterns to nature and how they can be woven into art and design were also presented. You may have seen their work in the Library which displayed the math and art work through November 5th.