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Palomar Pathway “Wins” – December 2019

Italian Online – Zero Cost Program!  

Beginning Fall 2020, the World Languages department will offer an online Italian program with zero cost materials and no on-campus meetings. Each Italian course – ITAL 101, 102, 201, and 202 – will be offered sequentially, online, and in eight-weeks during one academic year. All course materials will be provided free of charge by the course instructor. Each course includes flexible weekly deadlines so assignments can be submitted around the student’s schedule. Thank you Scott Nelson for highlighting this exciting program option!  See flyer for more information: click here.

Cooperative Education at Vista Detention Facility (VDF)!

 Palomar College will be the first in the state to offer a cooperative education program at a California jail!  This 2020 Spring Semester, incarcerated individuals at the Vista Detention Facility (VDF) will be able to receive student credit for jobs they have while at VDF.  Cooperative Education will also offer workshops to help incarcerated students transfer their skills to resumes which will facilitate in their transition out of jail.  This is exciting news! Thank you Suzanne Sebring for sharing.