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Palomar College Guided Pathways

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Dr. Mark Hudelson, Associate Professor, Art, submitted this comment on a recent Program Review and Planning report which supports Guided Pathways: “One of the questions we have is related to students' desired outcomes. We serve a wide variety of students in the Art Department: some are taking classes to transfer, some for our programs' degrees, some for workplace knowledge, and some for personal enrichment. Thus, why students are in our programs is an important variable. That students learn the material presented in our classes is known, since success rates are high. However, how we fine-tune our programs may shift as there are corresponding shifts in our students' needs and THEIR desired outcomes. Being able to gauge students' needs, as related to their educational goals, is an important metric. More than some other departments, we are able to engage with our students, especially in our studio classes where instructor/student ratios are lower and interaction is common. Through these engagements, we're able to learn a lot about our students' needs in ways that standardized assessments don't capture.”