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Category: July/August 2019 Newsletter

2019 Plenary Highlights – July/August 2019

Plenary Highlights – August 15th & 16th (9am – 4pm)

Fall 2019 All-College Plenary will host an exciting keynote in support of Math Across the Curriculum Holistically (MATCH).  The keynote will address why math across the curriculum is a school wide issue.

Workshops to consider that support GP:

  • AB705 Now
  • The Completion Academy!
  • Goals for AB705 – Equity and Capability
  • Credit for Prior Learning
  • MATCH Your Course
  • MATCH at the planetarium
  • Palomar Makes it Possible” Advertising Campaign Update & Training

Palomar Pathways “Wins” – July/August 2019

Good news for ESL students

Effective Fall 2019 both ESL 103 and ESL 106 will now be approved for CSUGE Area C2 and IGETC 3B (humanities)!  This curriculum change was made in response to AB705. It is great news for ESL students because they will now receive humanities general education units that transfer to CSU or UC schools if they take one of these courses prior to English 100.

High School students earn a Digital Publisher Certificate!

This past spring, 18 Bonsall high school students earned a college-level Digital Publishing Certificate through Palomar College’s Dual Enrollment agreement. The students were able to take a sequence of four Palomar College courses at Bonsall High School during the day, at no extra cost to them!

Palomar College has similar Dual Enrollment agreements with 12 local high schools.  High school students can take Palomar College classes for free. For more information on Palomar’s Dual Enrollment Program, please visit

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

CPL is a strategy that helps students get credit for what they already know and can do, saving them time and money on their educational path. In 2018, Governor Brown signed two bills that mandate CPL in California Community Colleges (SB1071, AB1786). Palomar College is at the forefront of this new initiative, working in partnership with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Foundation to develop learning assessment methods, streamline internal processes to award credit and remove the burden from students to pursue this option. CPL benefits our non-traditional students (25+) who have gained skills through military, workplace and civic experiences.

Career Technical Education (CTE) new web page

Career Technical Education launched a new web page, “Career Programs” in June that provides a centralized location featuring videos about programs, their gainful employment information, and industry sector related information. This is a perfect demonstration of Pillar 2, Enter the Path for students!

STEM Robotics & Biology Summer Institute

Vice President of Instruction (VPI) attend the STEM Robotics & Biology Summer Institutes and was impressed with the engagement of young and diverse students in the STEM fields.  This intensive opportunity allowed students to apply knowledge in several interdisciplinary fields, and to produce amazing research projects. VPI Kahn commented: “The pride that exuded from the students who presented their projects was just palpable. These Guided Pathway summer projects really help us connect with our community and provide wonderful educational opportunities for students.  Go STEM team!”


Completion Academy – Early Framework for Guided Pathways

Palomar held three Completion Academy workshops with students, faculty, staff, and administrators this summer with colleagues from Anthropology, Water Technology, World Languages and more. The Completion Academy workshops provide support for faculty interested in developing schedules and support services that help students complete our degrees and certificates.  Representatives from tutoring, reading, and CALM also attended the workshops to help faculty design programs with support services in mind. Once a discipline develops a program through the Completion Academy, the program can be advertised on the Palomar Makes it Possible website  As part of this marketing effort, Palomar also had a television promotion on KUSI.  Look for more Completion Academy workshops and develop your program in the fall!