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Tag: December 2019 Newsletter

Faculty from both Palomar College and CSUSM continue linking efforts

Step 3: Stay on the Path

Thursday, Nov. 14, 40 STEM faculty and staff from CSUSM and Palomar College met for the STEM Communities of Practice meeting, held at CSUSM's Faculty Center.  At this meeting both college faculty members from Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Counseling, and Chemistry met to discuss course alignment, pedagogy, and strategies for creating a “soft landing” for students transferring from Palomar College to CSUSM in STEM.  Sponsored by the jointly held Title V/STEM Grant, this is the 4th meeting held between the two institutions.  The next meeting will tentatively be held at Palomar College  on Friday, March 13, 2020.

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Palomar College and CSUSM collaborate for Student Success!

Help Students Choose and Enter their Pathway

Step 2: Enter the Path

Monday, Nov. 4, 35 students from Palomar’s Puente and Umoja programs attended a STEM Information session, along with Karmi Minor-Flores (UMOJA Counselor) and Michael Lundell (English Professor for Puente).  This event was hosted by faculty and staff from both Palomar College and CSUSM, with support by the Title V/STEM grant. This collaboration continues to grow, and participants look forward to more joint work to help students be better prepared to succeed.  

The day’s activities included the students having pizza, receiving swag (staplers and pencils provided by Student Equity), and listening to presentations by:

  1. Dr. Richard Armenta, Assistant Professor in Kinesiology with a focus on Health Science and Public Health.
  2. Joshua Love, Math Center Tutor and Palomar Math Club President.
  3. Roberto Leon-Baxin, former Palomar College STEM Center tutor and SI leader, now majoring in Biochemistry at CSUSM and President of the student chapter of the American Chemical Society at CSUSM.

 The students then toured the Math Center and the STEM Center, and finished up with a drone demonstration by Mark Bealo. 

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GP Student Ambassadors – Who are they? (continued)

Gregory Mendoza

Hello, My name is Gregory Mendoza. I am a student at Palomar College, a Peer Mentor for Student Success and Engagement Department and a GP Student Ambassador.  I was born in San Diego and raised by a single mother. I am the first generation in my family to attend college. I was formerly incarcerated and education has been a life changer and opportunities that I never thought would be possible have been opened, because I decided to pursue a degree and be part of change in my community.  I plan to transfer to Cal State San Marcos and continue my higher education. Guided Pathways has given me an idea of how I will get to my goals and what classes I need to complete to transfer and continue my academic journey

Kory Nokes

My name is Kory Nokes and I am a Student Ambassador for Palomar Pathways.  My educational journey has been far from conventional. I tried college after high school but did not have much success.  I was not in a good place in my life at the time and did not have my priorities in order. I made some bad decisions and was in trouble with the law. My education unfortunately took a back seat to a negative lifestyle. My path to education began while I was incarcerated.  I was able to change my life and earn my Associates of Science in Business while incarcerated. Education continues to open doors for me and I know now that there is nothing I cannot do. I know today that I have the power to create my ideal destiny by taking advantage of the choices and opportunities that are presented in front of me.  I work as a Peer Mentor at Palomar College and will be transferring to Cal State San Marcos next fall. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and have been nominated to be the 2020 commencement speaker. What I like about Palomar Pathways is that I have a voice. I have the opportunity to help make the educational experience better for all students.  I am honored to be a part of this great team.

Palomar Pathway “Wins” – December 2019

Italian Online – Zero Cost Program!  

Beginning Fall 2020, the World Languages department will offer an online Italian program with zero cost materials and no on-campus meetings. Each Italian course – ITAL 101, 102, 201, and 202 – will be offered sequentially, online, and in eight-weeks during one academic year. All course materials will be provided free of charge by the course instructor. Each course includes flexible weekly deadlines so assignments can be submitted around the student’s schedule. Thank you Scott Nelson for highlighting this exciting program option!  See flyer for more information: click here.

Cooperative Education at Vista Detention Facility (VDF)!

 Palomar College will be the first in the state to offer a cooperative education program at a California jail!  This 2020 Spring Semester, incarcerated individuals at the Vista Detention Facility (VDF) will be able to receive student credit for jobs they have while at VDF.  Cooperative Education will also offer workshops to help incarcerated students transfer their skills to resumes which will facilitate in their transition out of jail.  This is exciting news! Thank you Suzanne Sebring for sharing.